OXFORD MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY INC has been located in Oxford, MS since 1995. Dr. Scott Whitaker built the buisness from the ground up and has been delivering patient satisfaction for 18 years. We believe in providing services of the highest quality and in achieving superior levels of patient satisfaction through the combined efforts of our outstanding team. Our new satellite office is in Olive Branch, MS. We are very excited to be able to service patients in the Olive Branch area.

OXFORD MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY INC's team is made up of numerous people from many different backgrounds that have accepted the special calling of health care. From Dr. Whitaker, to assistants and clerical staff, everyone at OXFORD MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY INC is part of an extended, caring family. Dr. Whitaker's staff includes Sharon DuBrueler and Marci Bumpous. Customer service is an integral part of OXFORD MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY INC mission. As we strive to provide an excellent service to our patients, we also emphasise the importance of customer service between each other. It is all part of our people-oriented mission.